About Me

Hello!  My name is Debbie and I am currently a Stay At Home Mom to my wonderful 2 year old son, Nolan.  I have been happily married to my gorgeous husband, Kevin, for almost 4 1/2 years and we are excitedly, though unexpectedly, awaiting the arrival of our baby girl in late April/early May 2010!

Previous to starting a family, I worked full-time (and lots of overtime!) as first an associate at a large public accounting firm (which is where I met and , quite secretly, started dating my husband!).  I quit this job right around the time we took our relationship public (I had been trying to find another job anyway!) and began working at a large world-wide automotive finance company.  I held several different positions there (stayed 4 years) and when our son was born, we determined I would financially be able to stay at home and take care of him! 

I love my life as wife and mother and am so proud of my husband for working hard so that we may raise our children as we wish!  We are a very close family (I've only stayed 3 nights away from my son since he was born, I know, excessively annoying) and we enjoy sports, music, being outside (though the MI winters are not so wonderful!) and generally just being together.

Personally, I am interested in anything to do with organization (just organized our laundry room), decorating (though, with an accounting background, I often question my choices), music (Dave Matthews Band is my all time fave and part of the reason behind my blog title, but I love country music too!), shopping for my son and my unborn daughter (a bit too much) and spending time with my family and friends.

As noted on my blog, I am currently researching cloth diapering as I used disposables with my son and would like to a) save money and b) save the landfills so my children may have a cleaner, happier place to live and prosper!  I don't know much about cloth diapering and am extremely open to varied opinions (as long as they are honest and not hurtful).  I will be doing most of the diaper changes and will still have my 2 year old in disposables to change too...though we are hoping to really get into full-swing potty training soon...hopefully sometime this summer, so he can have less clothes and more freedom to run around in the warm weather.  Nolan has no current interest in potty training...trust me, we've tried.

Lastly, I would love to be able to find a source of income while still being able to remain at home with my children.  We are by no means poor and I am completely happy staying home and not sitting behind a desk everyday...but I must admit I do rather miss having my 'own' money and contributing monetarily to our family.  As with the cloth diapering advice, I am definitely open to any suggestions or ideas!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

My husband and I, New Year's Eve 2009

Our family (just found out I was pregnant) on vacation at Boyne Mountain, MI in September 2009