Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Have Fluff!

Okay, so I am still debating on fully throwing myself into cloth diapering my soon-to-be-born daughter, but in the meantime, I have decided if I find a cloth diaper at a great price, why not buy it and try it out!??!  My husband probably wouldn't agree with this logic as it involves spending money, but it's what I'm doing. 

Anyway, Green Baby Bargains had All in One Pocket Thirsties diapers on last week and I bought one small and one large lavender one.  I got them in the mail yesterday and they are adorable!!!  They look pretty self-explanatory and appear that even my brother could put them on a baby!  It really makes me want to do CD full-time, even if it isn't the fully-crunchy way (using prefolds, snappis and covers).

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  1. Hey there!

    Whereabouts in Michigan do you live? I'm in Lapeer.

    I started cloth diapering back in the fall after I won a cloth diaper on a blog, and i really wish I had done it sooner. I used disposables on my first son, and then on my second son until he was 8 months old. I just didn't even consider fluff. I love it so much now, though. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I've done a bunch of random cloth diaper reviews on my blog, and if you're into buying "local" I found a Michigan girl (Sterling Heights or something like that) who makes some good ones and sells them on etsy. Her shop is called Beeber's Butts and I bought four of her diapers (good price!) for my son. Those and Smartipants are both a good price. I also picked up a couple BumGenius 3.0 at a shop in Downtown Rochester called Green Baby and those diapers are GREAT but kind of pricey.

    my blog is


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