Friday, March 26, 2010

Good News!

Had my OB/GYN appointment this morning and my doctor reassured us that our baby girl's kidney issue was a) probably going to correct itself if it is a kink (which he feels it most likely is and he said it is more common in girls) and b) if it is a blockage of some sort, it is completely fixable at a later date and that my pediatrician will at least know now before any infection, etc.  So, we are feeling a lot better about it, but if you are a parent you know how it feels to have anything unexpected happen when it comes to your child(ren).

On a much happier note...and a surprise parents and brother came down to watch our son while we went to the doctor and when we got back from the appointment, my mom said she wanted to go with me to pick out a new diaper bag (my one splurge for this baby since she already has hand-me-down swing, bouncer, clothes, etc.).  I found one (will post pic tomorrow, so cute!) but then she insisted that she and my dad wanted to buy us the stroller I wanted!  What?!!?  How awesome!  I felt bad accepting, but she really wanted to do this so we got the Sit N Stand since my son doesn't stay in his current stroller very long anymore.  I figured this way, when I take them to the zoo, park, mall, whatever, he can just hop in and out and I won't have to worry about it.

Anyway, I'm off to bed after such a busy day!  Hoping you all have wonderful weekends! 

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  1. hey there - we had a similar incident with our 3rd baby's kidneys in utero - all worked out fine ... no issues whatsoever upon birth and now she's a spitfire!! :-) have a great weekend!


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