Saturday, April 3, 2010

36 Weeks and the Belly Bandit

Well, we made it to the 36-week-pregnant mark and now I'm starting to remember my first pregnancy!  Ugh.  Baby girl has definitely dropped a little and I'm in full-force waddle mode.  I get uncomfortable in every position of standing/sitting/sleeping and I can eat only small amounts at a time.  She is still moving and kicking though, so that is what matters though my heartburn still hasn't subsided.  I'm assuming that will just remain with me until I deliver. 

So, I'm thinking of getting a Belly Bandit.  Has anyone purchased and used one before?  Do they work?  I'm just wanting to get back into shape as quickly as possible after this pregnancy as it took me two years with my last pregnancy and that just isn't acceptable! 

I think I had a bit of PPD with my first too and am hoping it is either not an issue this time or is less severe so I can get back into the swing of things.  I think having a spring baby instead of a late fall baby will help too as I'll be able to get outside and see people/do things.

Anyway, if you have used the Belly Bandit, could you let me know what you thought of it?  Waste of money?  Really helped? 

Thanks!  Enjoy your Easter weekend!

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  1. Hi! I just noticed your follow on twitter (looks like it was a while back! Sorry!) =}
    Anyway, checking out your blog and saw this post. I recently won a belly bandit from Best Baby Organics and cant wait to see how it works for me! You should enter their giveaway... Yes, they are doing another one! Ends May 9th.
    Also funny to see your cloth diaper questions... We are expecting in September and I will be cloth diapering for the 1st time. I will be posting these same questions on my blog! =) I have so much to learn! Ah! You'll be a pro by then, maybe you'll have some helpful tips for me. =)


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