Friday, April 16, 2010

Prefolds, Fitteds and Covers

Okay, so next cloth diapering questions...what are the best prefolds, fitted diapers and covers for a newborn?  How many of these will I need?  I think I'm leaning towards these for my baby girl in her first few months and have been researching all fingers and brain both hurt!  So, I thought I'd turn to my cloth diaper blogger friends! 

My son was 7 pounds 4 ounces when he was born and my doctor says I'm measuring right on target (not big or small) so I'm thinking baby girl will be between 7-8 pounds when she is born.  Since I'm planning on breastfeeding again, she is most likely going to lose a little bit of weight right away before my milk is completely in.  Just a little background on what size I think she will be.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations and suggestions!  I really do read all of the comments and am very appreciative!


  1. It is my personal opinion that mamas who want to use prefolds from the very beginning of the baby's life should invest in Cloth-eeze by Green Mountain Diapers. This mama is super savvy and has specialty sizes that other retailers (including myself) do not have.

    Additionally, Thirsties Duo Wraps (covers) are my personal favorite as easy-to-use, no mess covers. I actually carry those - lol! :)

    Good luck on your cloth diapering journey!

  2. my favorite covers are bummis super brite covers. i've used thirsties as well, but bummis seem a bit thicker. thirsties are my second favorite after bummis though!! i bought 12 on sale bumgenius fitteds for our baby girl in july and have 24 small size prefolds. plus some WAHM mom ones. i'd say between 12-20 would be good...but i'm not sure. depends how much you want to wash i guess. :0)


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