Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butterflies and Other Miscellany

Okay, so I have decided on a loose theme for Kaitlyn's first birthday party...butterflies. There are a few reasons this theme feels right: 
    One of the butterflies over Kaitlyn's crib
  • Kaitlyn's nursery has butterflies hanging from the ceiling and she loves to watch them flutter around. There are two over her crib instead of a mobile and two hang over her changing table. I can't wait until spring finally arrives (if it ever arrives here in MI!) so that I can open her window and let the butterflies flutter in the breeze. I pretend the two over her crib are my father and paternal grandmother, watching over Kaitlyn for me at night. Silly, I know, but I'm not quite all there.    
  • Butterflies symbolize spring and I am ready for spring to be! What better way to celebrate my spring baby than with spring-y bugs?!
  • Color, color, color! Butterflies are all different colors so it won't look like the pink monster spewed all over my house. I am thinking green, brown, orange, etc. Maybe a little pink. Don't get me wrong, pink is a lovely color, but while I have been searching for girl party themes...everything is pink! Ugh. Seriously folks, girls like other colors. My fave is green, for example. Thanks.
  • I can pair butterflies with other fun bugs...caterpillars, bees, the boys we are inviting to the party won't have only butterflies on their plates/napkins/goody bags. Whereas a pretty pretty pink princess party would probably be a bit more difficult to stomach for the wee lads...and for me. 
    On the wall above Kaitlyn's crib
Yesterday I ordered cute invites from Tiny Prints and was having a stressful day so I also bought the matching Thank You notes, address labels and gift bag labels. Oh, Tiny Prints, you are so sneaky with your matching accessories...especially when preying on a depressed, tired, perfectionista mother of two! Ugh.

I had to have it all! And for what?! Kaitlyn won't remember a thing, right? Well, but I will, and she is only turning 1 once, so I want it to be perfect. Sometimes I wish I wasn't like this and could just buy any old invites, decorations, whatever and still make it the best for my kids. My parents weren't like this, but I just love decor and wish I had gone to school for something cool like interior decorating or party planning or photography. Nope, I studied accounting. Woo Hoo! Break out the party hats kiddos, we're going to be having fun with debits and credits today! Par-tay!

Next on my party to-do list...smash cake and cupcakes. I think I'm going to have them made but I have no clue where to find a good bakery around here. I googled bakeries and there is not much. I just began my search yesterday though, so I will keep looking. There has to be a good baker around to find them! I'll keep ya updated!

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