Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I decided to change up my blog's appearance...yet again. I started this blog for myself and I in the past months I have been getting back to blogging for me. The layout of my blog, the design and all of the buttons and columns were just distracting...to me, at least. I went simple. My favorite color is green, thus the green theme and the calming background. So, that is that.

Kaitlyn is teething so I have been busy trying to soothe her...I think she is getting her 1 year molars already!!! Argh! I can't believe she will be 1 in a few weeks...craziness.

It is so fun to see Nolan and Kaitlyn interacting, playing and learning from one another. Nolan is definitely Kaitlyn's favorite person in the world. She lights up when he runs into the room.

April is such a difficult month for me. My daughter and my mother celebrate their birth, my father died in April last year and 12 years ago yesterday a high school friend, best friend, killed herself. It is certainly an emotional time for me and so a few weeks ago I finally decided to see a counselor. I have been twice and it is really good to get out all of this yuckiness, for lack of a better word, and try to see that I am still alive!


  1. Your children are adorable!!

    I'm sorry April is a hard month for you, hang in there!


  2. such cuties! i totally know what you mean about simplifying the blog too. i try to keep mine fairly simple and clean. it can get hard with all the fun linkups and stuff going on sometimes. way to set an example though! ;)


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