Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're in the Home Stretch!

Had my first bi-monthly OB/GYN checkup today...I'm officially 30 weeks, 3 days, but I think my due date is incorrect by about a week.  Anyway, I can't believe how quickly the second trimester flew by!  Probably because the first trimester was so long due to severe sickness and the boredom as a result of the sickness. 

We still have so much to do before our baby arrives and I don't know when it is going to be completed!  Her room is driving me crazy!  My husband doesn't understand how badly I want it completely done and set up...he's worrying about building a freakin' cedar closet in the basement!  Hello?  I could care less about that right now!  We have a baby coming and nothing done to her room but paint...well, we have the furniture in the room, but I don't like how it's set up, and probably never will...just no good way to place everything.  AND, we are both accounting-types so we have no clue how to decorate or arrange furniture.  I wish I did because I LOVE decorating/organization/etc.  Hoping to take a class or two on those subjects someday!  I I am going to spend some of my Mommy Bonus this week/weekend and purchase curtain rods for both of the children's rooms.  I bought curtains last weekend, so we're making progress!

Now, if only the weather would warm up I'd be a very happy Mommy!  Too bad it's supposed to snow this weekend...ugh...I dislike MI winters!

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  1. congrats, good luck on setting up the room. It seems like lots of guys don't realize how the women want the room set and done before the baby comes guess its just another difference between men and women


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