Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy Bonus

I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home and be a mommy to my son, Nolan, and my soon-to-be daughter.  My husband works very hard for our family so that I am able to stay home!  I do sometimes miss being able to contribute monetarily to our family and have some money to do whatever I want with, but those times aren't all that often.  Well, with a new baby coming, my nesting is kicking in full-force and we have still not decorated the nursery, though my wonderful husband did paint it a beautiful green and we are using my son's crib/dresser.  So, really, I just need the finishing touches to make it a comfy place for my baby girl to sleep and play.  I haven't bought much yet for her because we just spent money purchasing my son's big boy bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, nightstand and bookshelf!) and I wasn't sure when I would have time and money to buy anything for her room.

Good news!  I'm getting a bonus this year!  :)  My husband worked his behind off at work and is lucky enough that even in this poor MI economy he's getting a bonus this year...and he's giving me half to do whatever I want!   Forgive my poor grammar but I'm so freakin' excited!  My husband knows I sometimes miss making my own money so he explained to me why I'm getting a bonus and how much I mean to him!  How adorable is he?!?  It really means a lot to me, to hear such loving things from my best friend and partner in life, even though I already knew my husband appreciated how much I do with Nolan. 

Now, I'm still not going to buy some ridiculously priced decor, but at least I won't feel awful when I want to spend some money and get my son a nice quilt and set of pillow shams for his new bed (right now he just uses a sheet and blanket).  I'll post photos of some of the fun things I buy with my Mommy Bonus and welcome any suggestions/ideas!

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  1. Congratulations! You won the Koala Kuddles Swaddling blankets. My daughter loves these, so I know you will too. Thanks for entering, I've sent you an email with further instructions.

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