Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Pains

So, this pregnancy has not been the easiest for me and Tuesday night another fun thing popped up!  I now either have a pinched nerve of some sort on the left side of my lower back or some mystery symptom that is making my life even more fun!  As if the shortness of breath, heartburn, exhaustion and inability to eat more than a few bites wasn't enough right now, I have this random shooting pain (I get it whether sitting or standing and have no warning when it is about to happen) that radiates from my lower back and goes down my leg and up my back.  It is sometimes debilitating...and I have a 2 year old to run after!

Yesterday, I took Nolan to a gym and he kept jumping in the foam block pits they had...just a week ago when we went I was able to bend over and get him out if he was stuck, or even get into the pit a little and get him out.  Not yesterday!  Luckily, a few moms and a dad who were there stepped in to help him a few times but I still have two months of this pregnancy left!  I am so upset about this new development because it is going to limit what I can and cannot do with my son!  I want to enjoy these last few weeks with him and though I listed all of those other issues, I was able to function and do pretty much whatever I wanted to with Nolan.  Ugh.  I have my next doctor's appointment next Friday, but may have to call them sooner to see what I can do.  A few friends have mentioned a chiropractor and those may be options too...please pray this nerve just miraculously comes un-pinched or if it isn't that, please pray this mystery pain goes away on its' own VERY soon!!!


  1. sounds like sciatica and the pain is AWFUL. A chiropractor did WONDERS for me.

    At one point in my last pregnancy i couldn't sit, stand or lay. I was on all fours one night because every other position was excruciating. I went to the chiro the next day and from the very first adjustment felt so much better. i went twice a week for the rest of my pregnancy (i was supposed to be on bed rest, but couldn't rest because of the pain!). SO WORTH IT! give it a try!

  2. this describes sciatica in pregnancy:

    one of the symptoms it mentions is shooting pain up your back and down your leg!

    i'm not kidding. go to the chiro today. it will likely be immediate relief. i was amazed at how quickly it helped (and i'm not normally a chiro person!)


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