Saturday, April 10, 2010

Questions, Questions, Questions...about Cloth Diapering

I am brand new to the world of Cloth Diapers.  My baby girl is due 3 weeks from today and I really want to start off right away using cloth diapers.  Soooooo, since I have so many questions and have read so many things on so many different websites in the past 2 months, I was hoping to reach out to those of you who read my blog and also use cloth diapers. 

I will be posting a question I have regarding cloth diapering every few days from now until I give birth (whenever that may be)...that's how many questions I have.  :)  I guess I have so many because I already have a 2 and 1/2 year old son whom I didn't cloth diaper so my I'm brainwashed into the "easy" world of sposies.  Please help me!

Question for today: What do I need to have in my stash on Day 1?  If you currently cloth diaper, could you tell me what you had on Day 1 and also what you wished you had that you didn't?  Also, if you had to start all over again, what would you have in your stash on Day 1 (for purposes of this discussion, budget is irrelevant...within reason!).  I guess that is more than one question, but I would greatly appreciate any guidance or help you can offer.

Thanks again, in advance, and if you know anyone else who could help me and has a blog, please let me know and I'll follow their blogs too!  I am a cloth diapering information junkie!!!


  1. For a newborn you need to have roughly 24 diapers (or more but 24 will get you through) so that you can wash every 2 days.

    Also I wish I had cloth wipes. I recently just switched to cloth wipes and I don't know why I didn't do it before. The natural instinct is to roll the wipe up in the diaper when you change baby so I can't tell you how many times I get a shredded wipe in my diaper wash!

    Do you know which type of diaper you're wanting to use? Prefolds with covers? AIO? Pocket diapers?

    For me, I love the AIO and pocket diapers. I have done covers and prefolds in the past but AIO and pockets are pretty much like disposables only way better, super cute, and you wash them!

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  3. I have to agree with Jess on the wipes! And I'm not just saying that because she got her wipes from me! :P I recently made the switch to all cloth wipes. I have to say a wipe warmer helps with the cloth wipes. I loved them, but our DD Kaitlynn HATED THEM! Just because I would mix up the solution and pour them into the wipe container(spoise ones) on top of my wipes. After the first diaper change they were of course cold. So therefore DD hated them, and I'd use spoise wipes just to keep her from throwing a fit. She would run away when she had a she comes to me!

    Also on the wipe note, Wee Essentials makes awesome wipe cubes and they're not that expensive for the amount you get! So worth it in my book!

    As far as diapers go, I have no idea....I haven't diapered a newborn, but I do have a friend who is. She is using fitteds. A lot of her diapers didn't fit DD until recently, and she is now about 10 weeks old.

    I also have to suggest getting a hanging wet bag. I have two, that way there is always a clean one. I have one from and I love it! I prefer the ones that have a zippered top, not the type you can put in a trash can. I had those before and noticed the smell from the diapers more than I do now!

    Also on a over all diaper note. I wouldn't buy a bunch of the same kind (like5 or more). I did that, and as time has gone on, I've found more that I like better now. I like buying diapers one or two at a time so I can find what I like.

    GOOD LUCK In your cloth diaper journey! :)


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