Monday, July 19, 2010

More {Followers} Monday

More {Followers} Monday was created by three great mamas as a way to gain new blog followers and find fun new blogs to read!  I love all three of these mamas' blogs and since I was already following all of them, I highly recommend you come join in the fun!  This is the very first More {Followers} Monday so let's help them kick it off in a big way!  All you have to do is:

  1. Follow the hosts {Mama B, Baby Dickey and Little BGCG} via Google Friend Connect
  2. Grab the More {Followers} Monday button and create a post with the button telling everyone about More {Followers} Monday and a bit about yourself.
  3. Link up your blog post, meet some great people and find some fun new blogs!
A little bit about me...
I am a Stay At Home Mom to an almost 3 year old son, Nolan, and an almost 3 month old daughter, Kaitlyn.  I started blogging earlier this year, but not about anything substantial...until my father passed away very unexpectedly 2 days before my daughter was born.  It has been a very difficult year for me and my family but we are pushing through the best we can.  I worked in the accounting field before we decided I could stay home when my son was born in 2007.  I have been happily married to my wonderful husband, Kevin, for 5 years this September!  Wow, time flies!  We love Detroit Tigers baseball, hanging out with friends and family and of course, laughing with (or at) our hilarious son and daughter!  I love cloth diapering my daughter, though I didn't know anything about them when my son was born.  I am interested in babywearing, but haven't quite found a carrier my baby girl and I both enjoy...recommendations are happily accepted.  :)  We don't co-sleep, but I'm not against it either. 

I am currently focused on figuring out how to lose all the baby weight I gained while at the same time keeping my sanity and enjoying life!  I love following great mommy blogs, so if you follow my blog, I will happily follow back!  Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm following you back now!!!

    I'm so sorry about your Dad, I couldn't even imagine.

    What baby carriers have you tried? I've literally tried them ALL so I might be able to help.

  2. Thanks for following!! I am your newest follower! looking forward to getting to know you and your family! I love the design on your page! gorgeous!

  3. I'm following you back! Your family is so adorable! I don't actually use any of the baby carriers very often {though I should} but my favorite is a baby sling I bought off the internet when I had my son (7 years ago). It's just a regular old sling. I was afraid of it at first but now I use it like a pro. Looking forward to reading more about you and your family!

  4. I'm following for MFM! Love your blog name and looking forward to reading more!

    Sheena @

  5. Thanks for participating, I'm following now!

    So, so sorry to hear about your dad. My grandpa passed away right before Ryan was born - it was his first great grandchild - he kept saying he had to get better to meet him :( I hope you see your father in everything around you :)

  6. Hi I am a new follower from "more followers monday"

    My son just turned five months old and I'm also trying to figure out how to loose all this baby weight, it seemed easy with my 1st son but I'm stuggling after my 2nd.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

  7. I found your blog through Jess's blog...your comment about losing weight caught my eye. I'm right there with you, girl. Still trying to lose my baby weight and my babies are already 3 years old!!!

    Sounds like you have a lovely family!!!

  8. Thanks for buzzing by my blog! Returning the love! Nice to meet like-minded mamas!

    ~Busy Buzzer
    Buzzing the Day Away


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