Monday, July 19, 2010

There IS Hope!

YAY!  I lost weight this week!  I weighed in at 201.6 lbs this morning and I'm so happy about it!  I was hoping to be under 200 lbs by this time but I guess I will have to be happy about this loss.  I am going to keep at it and hope my DVDs arrive this week so I can start incorporating those into my daily routine as well.  It will be difficult because my baby girl doesn't nap, but that's why I wanted short routines.  I can hopefully put her next to me on her play mat while I do the workouts and I will try to do them while my son is napping, since he still does take a nap for me (thankfully!). 

Have a lot to do this week!  Hoping to plan a play date this week at a friend's house so my son can get some play time in that involves kids his is looking like it's going to rain this morning, so maybe I will try for tomorrow.  Need to get a new battery for my heart rate monitor watch too so I can go to spin class on Sunday, hopefully.  I just cannot go to that class without a heart rate monitor because I don't feel like I know what zone I am in and then I don't feel like I get a great workout because I'm not pushing myself to stay in the different's tough.  Lastly, I have to get all of the information for my daughter's baptism figured out.  We are hoping to do it next month, which means a lot of planning to do for me...and quick!  My mom is going to be gone most of September, so I just wanted to try to have Kaitlyn baptized in August.  She is getting a cute dress, too.  I just have to find it!  My son was so big when he was baptized that he barely fit into the 9 month outfit I bought him...he was only 5 months old!

Anyone have fun plans for the week?

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