Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ugh...I Detest You, Yummy Mexican Food

I was doing pretty well with the food part of my goals...until dinner today.  I had another stressful day with the kids at son doesn't want to nap and neither does the baby.  I didn't have time to shower, did two loads of laundry, changed the crib sheets and almost constantly had to hold baby girl.  She was not crying but quite fussy and wanted to be near me, which is fine.  I discovered why she was so fussy...around 4:30pm or so she had a giant poopy!  Luckily, she was wearing her bumGenius AIO...I love that dipe on her!  She pooped her life away and that dipe did not leak!  Love it!  Anyway, I digress.  My husband was running late and so I had to give baby girl her bath and get her to bed by myself.  That is no big deal except my son doesn't love being by himself long and so I had to turn the TV on...ugh.  Oh well, sue me.  I got her to bed and my husband is on the computer looking up take out places.  I am exhausted and have no will to argue.  Luckily, the Italian place was closed or I would have done even more damage.  We settled on Mexican and I decided chicken fajitas wouldn't be that bad...chicken, veggies, salsa.  Except I could not resist the darn flour tortillas, rice and cheese.  Oh well.  I didn't finish the cheese or rice and didn't eat one tortilla chip, so I guess it was a small victory...a very, very small victory.  :)  Here is to hoping my resolve is strong over the Holiday weekend!

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