Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good News and Bad News

Well, yesterday went okay, I guess.  I failed to be active for 30 minutes, which made me very upset with myself, but the good news is...I didn't eat my feelings!  Yay!  I accepted the day for what it was...my son knocked my coffee all over our light colored carpet and I can't get it all the way out, my daughter wouldn't nap and then when she did it was in the swing and I want her in her crib, my son arose from his nap and proceeded to drive me crazy the rest of the day because I was trying to take care of my daughter who was apparently starving since she ate and ate and ate.  Ugh.  So, it was a less than wonderful start to my journey.  I did manage to stay up a little later than I normally do and hung out with hubby to watch the Tigers (we love baseball in our house!) which was nice.  I was just so plain exhausted though and was over-tired.  I now know why it is hard to get kids down for naps/nighttime when they are too tired.  I laid in bed and could not fall asleep.  It sucked. 

Of course, my son woke up at 6am sharp this morning and my daughter, who had been sleeping in nicely, woke up at 6:30.  Ugh, again.  I decided we had to get out somewhere today.  I took them to an outside mall nearby which has a fun play area my son loves.  We get there...play area closed for painting.  What?!  Then, my son tells me he pooped (he won't go on the toilet...daily struggle...whole other post) and we get to the car to find no poop, but he peed through his diaper and is soaking wet.  Home we go.  Wow, that was a fun trip...not.

They are both napping right now and I needed to get out my frustrations.  Do you know how badly I want to eat a piece of the DQ ice cream cake that is in our freezer right now?  My husband bought it for my birthday and I have had one piece...total.  I want it...it's calling my name.  But no, I am on here, posting about my crappy day and I am ignoring the cake, and the chips for that matter.  This is the time of day I usually snack because both kids are asleep, or sometimes the baby is up, and I can just eat and not feel guilty that my son is watching me shovel food in my mouth.  I think I am going to have a cup of coffee, however, because my husband has a meeting until 5:30pm tonight and will be later than normal.  Triple ugh.

Wanted to post a quick photo of the moments that make me want to keep ignoring the cake...she's an angel.

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