Thursday, November 18, 2010

If I Had A Million Dollars...

I'd be rich. Well, maybe not as rich as when the Barenaked Ladies wrote that song, but still, pretty rich...especially if that was after taxes. :) Can you tell I'm an accountant nerd?

Anyway, we have all played that game in our minds...If you had a bunch of money, what would you do with it? I am currently staying at home with my kids, so I literally dream of having my "own" money again...just to do with as I please. I miss that part of having a job. Now, I feel like it is all my husband's money and I am very careful not to spend it, unless on groceries and necessities. He tells me it is our money, but going from a working woman to a stay at home mom, I just feel like it's not mine, dumb, I know.

So, anyway, here is what I would spend my million on as of today, in no particular order (also, I am taking donating to charities out of this game, though I would really donate to the American Heart Association, Alzheimer's Research and St. Jude's Children's Hospital if I had this money in real life):
  • Hire a professional interior designer to help me decorate my entire house. We moved in here in February 2009 and it is still completely desolate. Seriously, it looks like we love the minimalist look, but really, I'm just indecisive when it comes to putting things on the walls. I have a background in accounting, not decorating, and so I feel like all of my ideas are craptasticly awful, thus we live in emptiness...except for the kids' rooms...they are both decorated and my favorite rooms in the house.
  • Hire a personal chef. I'm serious. I am the world's worst cook. I would love to hire a chef who specializes in cooking and serving healthy foods that taste great. Have a feeling eating better would make us all feel better, especially me. I would then ask said personal chef to write down all the recipes and teach me how to cook them, so that I wouldn't have to employ them forever. Yeah, I know, probably would have to pay them more, but meh, money is limitless in my game world!
  • Hire a personal trainer...for both my husband and myself. This would alleviate SO MUCH stress in our lives. My husband tries so hard to go the gym but with his work schedule it is just so difficult. Throw in a 6 month old and a 3 year old who want to see him during his free time, and he them, and you see how far he gets in working out. A personal trainer would allow him to maybe workout downtown after work or here at home, on his schedule. Me, I'm just so unmotivated right now and eat disgusting things. I know I need to work out and get in better shape so I feel better but Kaitlyn seriously won't let anyone watch her other than me and my husband, so how can I leave her at the gym daycare? I can' least not right now. So, I tell my husband to go. At least one of us should get a regular workout.
  • Hire an amazing person to watch my kids for a few hours a week so I can go to the aforementioned personal trainer and learn from the personal chef. This person would have to be a baby whisperer for Kaitlyn to like them, but I have a ton of money so I'm sure I could find someone. Oh, and did I mention, this amazing nanny person will also have to guarantee me that they can potty train my son. That alone would make my life a bazillion times easier. Yay me!
  • Donate all of my clothing to St. Vincent De Paul and hire a personal shopper to buy me a whole new wardrobe...after I am a mommy hottie of course, from all of the working out and eating healthy. :)  How fun would it be to not have to fight the throngs of people at the malls and just hire someone to do it for me, bring the clothes to my house to try on and take back the ones we don't like? Awesome.
  • I would have a weekly manicure, pedicure and body massage. No joke. These things are key to my happiness. I heart painted nails and relaxed muscles.
  • Travel. A. Lot. I would take my entire family and any friends who wanted to come along to all of the places in the world I love and/or want to love. :)  Can you say Bora Bora 10 times quickly? I can.
  • Assuming I have any money left, I would put it away for Nolan and Kaitlyn. Duh.
I'm sure I could think of many more things, but these would give me the life I think I want. These things address the major issues I currently struggle with on a daily basis. And if you could pay to bring someone back from Heaven, even if just for a few moments, I would give everything on the list above back just to see my Dad, to hug my Dad and to tell him how much I love him. I'm so pathetic, I can't even get through a fun post without thinking of my Dad and crying. Ugh. I need therapy...and not the retail variety.

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