Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh, The Joy of Teething Babies

I wish babies were born with all of their baby teeth. I know this doesn't happen for a long list of reasons, but it would just be easier on Moms and Dads everywhere if it did.

Nolan was only 3 months old when his first tooth popped up...and it was so. not. fun. I remember calling his pediatrician and asking what was wrong with him because he had red/raw cheeks, was drooling constantly and running a low temp. The nurse laughed and told me he was most likely teething. I didn't believe her. Babies don't get teeth at 3 months old.  A few days later, Nolan proved my thesis incorrect.  There was a pair of beautiful white teeth coming in on the bottom! Couldn't believe it and so I proceeded to take a zillion more pictures of him smiling without any teeth because I loved his gummy grin.

So, with Kaitlyn, we were fully expecting teeth early. She wanted to prove that all children are different and waited 3 more months than Nolan. Last Thursday, two days before she turned 6 months old, Kaitlyn's first tooth broke through her gums. Ugh. She was up all night. My beautiful, happy, awesome-sleeping baby became a fussy, unhappy, non-sleeping, but still amazingly beautiful baby. Then, I just noticed yesterday that another tooth is coming in quickly right next door to her current one. Poor girl. I wish I could take her pain away and would gladly give it to myself (or my husband!) so that she didn't have to be uncomfortable. I keep reminding myself that she will not remember this time in her life...but I will.
If you look very closely, you can see her little white nubbin' coming in (bottom right side)

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  1. adorable! she is precious.... our 8 month old is still working on her two lower teeth. i see them outlined in her gums, but no pearly whites yet!

    but i TOTALLY agree with how she used to be an awesome sleeper... not so much now!


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