Monday, November 1, 2010

Poopy Pants and Halloween

It was a strange weekend. Every single time we took Nolan somewhere this weekend, he pooped and/or peed his pants, usually pooped. Every. Single. Time. It happened twice at the gym, once at the grocery store and again today at Target and Kaitlyn's doctor's appointment. Luckily, since he did it at the doctor's office, I spoke to the doctor about it and about why Nolan is refusing to tell us when he has too pee or poop. When he goes, he doesn't tell us, either, so he just sits in it until we figure out that he is wet (pee is soaking through his pants and/or running down his legs into his shoes) or has pooped (see prior pee description). It's disgusting and everyone, including two different doctors are telling us that it will happen, give it time, blah, blah, blah. I am just so frustrated and feel as if I am a horrible mother. Our neighbor's son, who is only 2 months older than Nolan, was potty-trained last summer! Over a year ago! WTF?!?

On a lighter note, I took Nolan trick-or-treating last night and my husband stayed home with Kaitlyn to pass out candy. It was freezing here in Michigan and we decided she wouldn't care if she sat home with my husband or came with me and Nolan. My son LOVED it this year! He doesn't even like candy really. He likes lollipops, M&Ms and Reese's Pieces. That's it. But he sure got a kick out of going up to the houses and yelling "Trick-Or-Treat" with his friends. Most of the time he even remembered to say "Thank You" without me having to remind him. I was a proud Mommy last night...and he didn't pee or poop his pants! It was a win/win situation.

 My blue crayon and pink bunny

Happy Halloween!

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  1. My daughter wore that exact same pink bunny costume :) It's so so cute and soft :)


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