Sunday, July 18, 2010


Mondays have a whole new meaning when you know you are going to be "weighing in" for the week.  I don't know how to feel about this week.  I was able to go to dinner with two of my bestest friends in the whole world on Tuesday and though I ditched the fries, I had a bowl of potato was sooooo yummy though.  I immediately regretted it and felt guilty the entire ride home.  It was so great to see my friends though...especially since Jen lives in CO and I get to see her once a year when she is home for the summer since she's a teacher. 

I did go to my step aerobics class on Saturday morning, though I was so lost this week.  They have different teachers every other Saturday, and I had never been to this girl's class.  She was young and super fast.  Oh well!  I did sweat and was out of breath part of the time, so hoping it was a good workout!  Also went for a family walk around our subdivision yesterday.  Baby was crabby at the end though, which actually helped me walk faster, so that was a hidden benefit.

My husband's sister and her son came to visit us today...they live over in Allegan, so she made quite the drive.  She wanted to see our kids and the house.  We moved in last year and she hadn't been to see it yet.  We had a hectic morning of grocery shopping for the week and cleaning so I completely forgot about what I was going to feed them for dinner.  My husband just decided to get pizza...ahhh!  My weakness!  I hadn't eaten much all day so I did have two pieces of pizza but I didn't eat the crusts (my fave part!) and I didn't have breadsticks or sauce (my hubby is killing me with these temptations!).  Still feel guilty and I'm still hungry.  It is after 8pm though so I shouldn't eat.  I may have to have a handful of almonds or something though to tide me over to my morning coffee and either oatmeal or fruit. 

PLEASE let me have lost weight this week! 

I had a very hard emotional week as well.  The kids were not napping well and I really miss my dad.  Hope all the stress didn't sabotage my (mostly) healthy eating!  We'll know tomorrow!  Have a great night and keep your fingers crossed for me!

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