Saturday, July 10, 2010

One "Step" in the Right Direction

Well, I didn't get any suggestions on home workout DVDs so I'll keep searching the internet and asking all of my mommy friends.  But, I did get to the gym this morning!  YAY!  I went to Step Aerobics class for the first time since last September and it is still so fun to me!  I love that class because I forget that I'm working out and then it's done.  I am not the most coordinated person in the world (serious understatement there) but somehow I can usually get the step routines after a few tries.  There was one today that I wasn't 100% great on, but I think part of it was because my body was like, "What are you doing to me? Why aren't we sitting on the couch?".  So, I'm a bit tired right now, but I feel so good.  Hopefully I can go every Saturday morning.  My son still loves the child care center, so I took him with me and my husband stayed home with the baby.  This is not the ideal situation because now my husband will have to go to the gym later and it will take away from family time, but it is only temporary.  Once Kaitlyn is older, I will feel comfortable taking her to the child care center and we can all go together and knock it out at once so we have more time together later on in the day.  I'm hoping to go to the gym tomorrow as well, but not sure what I'll do.  There is a spin class in the morning, but not sure I'm up for that yet.  We'll see and I'll keep you posted!

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  1. I just got to this post in my reader. I have a few recommendations for you. I love the Yoga Booty Ballet series. They have shorter workouts and they really work you. Also, the Self workouts are great too. I have most of them. They work awesome. My last recommendation if you like a little fun in your workout is the Carmen Electra Striptease series. They work you and you learn a valuable skill :). I am a bit of a workout video addict. I get a lot of them and rarely do them. I'm such a slacker :). Hope this helps you out.


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