Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Love AppleCheeks

We have been using cloth diapers since Kaitlyn was a few weeks old and we love them! Since cloth diapers were brand new to us (we didn't use them, or really even know about them when Nolan was born) we tried out a bunch of different brands and have a very clear favorite...AppleCheeks cloth diapers! We absolutely LOVE them because of how they fit Kaitlyn - they allow her to move around and don't leave marks all over her legs. Let's not forget that AppleCheeks also expertly contain all of her messiness and look super adorable on her - at every age!

Kaitlyn rockin' her fave color - Raspberry Sorbet - May 2010 - 3 weeks old

Kaitlyn posing in her Coriander AppleCheeks - 3 months old

Kaitlyn lovin' her St. Lucia AppleCheeks - 7 months old

Kaitlyn and I recommend AppleCheeks if you are already cloth diapering or even if you are just in the beginning stages of contemplating trying out cloth diapers on your baby - we promise - you will LOVE them just as much as we do!

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